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Intelligent Insights
Data Store by In-memory



xPopcornStore supports object search, and since data manipulation and retrieval are performed in a JavaScript environment, a considerable amount of computation is required. Therefore, it has the characteristics of an In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) that stores and accesses all stored data in the main memory (RAM).

Distributed System

Distributed system has the advantage that performance can be improved by distributing the same task and processing large amounts of data at low cost by building several systems with low computing power. Additional servers can be added as needed.

Virtual Language

Just as RDBMS has the ability to manipulate and search data using SQL, xPopcornStore uses JavaScript as its default query language. The reason that xPopcornStore uses the JavaScript language as the query language is that it eliminates the inconvenience of web developers who develop mainly using a database to learn a separate language to access the database, and uses the code developed in the application as it is, or It supports operation in the database with minimal modification.

Scale out
for High-Speed

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