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What is
the In-memory?

Can't all data be stored in DRAM?

If there is a technology that can store all data in DRAM, is indexing necessary?

DRAM Speed

DRAM reads/writes 1000 times faster than general storage media (SSD, HDD). In particular, Write is more than 10000 times faster. Implementation of scale-out to overcome the size limit of DRAM is absolutely required. Memory clustering technology between servers is required to implement scale-out.


 300ms (0.3 seconds) Under must be guaranteed

Full Searching time

Must support structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data

Supported data format

MAX 24PB or more must be supported

System In-memory support scale

Javascript  : 

V8 Engine [Internal]


Version 2.7 or higher support and parallel operation support [External]

Linking the program

Our goals

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